Las Vegas' Movie Prop and Memorabilia Museum

Home to a collection of unique and authentic props and costumes. Made for real block buster movies, by movie production artists and used on-screen during filming. Cineloggia also has memorabilia, gifts given only to production staff and promotional items.   Cineloggia was started by two industry professionals, James Asrael, curator and well known collector of HSPPA, and Nick J Benson, SPFX artist and Designer. Cineloggia is Las Vegas' only production made and screen used, movie prop and memorabilia museum gallery.

About the HSPPA:

The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (The HSPPA) is a not-for-profit museum of screen used & production made props, costumes, and film relics that focus on the Horror & Science fiction genres with a sub-branching into Super-Hero/Comic Book, Fantasy, Thriller, and Action Genres. 

The HSPPA is the brainchild of musician/producer/actor, Jame Azrael, and centers around his collection, which was started nearly 30 years ago. After repeated mentions from Friends, pizza delivery persons, and service technicians, that his house was like Museum and he should charge admission. James started on the road to form the HSPPA and bring these iconic pieces from his walls to the fans to forge Unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories 


James Azrael leads the HSPPA as head curator, Craig Champion and Chris Szydlowski as assistant head curators, and accompanied by an incredible team of event curators to discuss everything on exhibits, answer questions and educate fans with history's stories and fun behind the scenes facts. There's even an interactive position where certain props are Hands-On for fans as well as photo opportunities

Cineloggia History

With all these talented curators, special effect masters, and movie buffs, Cineloggia saw a need, and wanted to help with a permanent museum, for all to see. Las Vegas currently doesn't have any museum like it, and deserves to be showcased. Nick Benson and his family came up with this idea to bring the HSPPA and all their props and memorabilia to Las Vegas for the locals and tourists. The movie community is big and needed something exciting to come see. 


Nick Benson Biography

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nick Benson spent his early years reading FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night while his family was sleeping to catch any horror or science fiction movie he could. At the young age of 18 used any free moment to learn from and work with and around such effects masters as Steve Johnson, Todd Masters, Screaming Mad George, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr, Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger.


Now a veteran of the film industry for 30+ years, Nick started as an apprentice editor in post-production in the early eighties, working as well as volunteering in almost ALL areas of production, winning several awards as a producer. He still produces projects on occasion


In the effects arena his first features were 1988's "Night of the Demons and 1988's “Dead Heat”. This lucky break was due to his friendship with Steve Johnson and was further mentored by friend and musician Screaming Mad George. Nick has also worked in miscellaneous SPFX based roles wearing and learning as many aspects of physical and practical effects as possible, working with FX Studios such as XFX, MastersFX, SMG Inc, KNB Effects Group, and ADI on such films as:

“Night of the Demons”

“Howling IV- The Original Nightmare”

“The Blob”

“A Nightmare on Elm Street IV- The Dream Master”



“Bride of Re-Animator”

“Tales From the Darkside”


You can see complete list of works on his IMDB page at



Regional Emmy Nominated

4 Time Telly Award Winner

Bringing friends, families and loved ones together

Let share this wonderful experience with our community, friends, family, and others. 

Cineloggia is a big community supporter and wants to hold special events, and showings for the ones who love movies. Lets all take the responsibility of preserving and respecting these items at all times for more generations to come and see.  We look forward to spending time with you and your family. See you soon!


  • We ask that you respect the props and memorabilia as they are one-of-a-kind. 

  • Kids must stay with parents at all times during your museum visit. 

  • COIVD-19 guidelines are strictly enforced. 

  • Refund policies are shown at check out.